Waterloo Scrap Car - Waterloo Salvage Yard

A Waterloo Scrap Yard that Thinks Green

If you live in the Waterloo area and are ready to scrap your existing vehicle and sell the auto parts to a reputable company, you want to choose one that takes the environment into consideration when it deals with salvaging Ford auto parts. Scrap Car Kitchener uses modern technology to dispose of vehicles and used auto parts in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. If you're looking to sell junk cars in the Waterloo area, consider a company that takes its commitment to green seriously.

Not All Waterloo Auto Wreckers Are The Same

When it's time to consider selling your car to an auto recycling company that pays cash for junk cars, you should know that not all auto wrecking companies work the same way. Some companies crush the vehicles and sell the scrap material without any thought to the toxins and other components seeping into the soil. At Scrap Car Kitchener, we buy junk cars and dispose of End of Life Vehicles (ELVS) in a way that recycles reusable parts and materials and causes minimal impact to the environment. We take our environmental responsibility to the Waterloo area seriously.

Look For A Waterloo Auto Salvage Company That Recycles Parts and Materials

Scrap Car Kitchener is in the business of buying all kinds of vehicles including scrap cars from individuals, to scrap trucks and scrap vans from body shops and mechanical shops, and we even provide salvage disposal for insurance companies. We make sure to recover, recycle, remanufacture, or reuse parts and assemblies such as engines, transmissions, suspensions, alternators, starters, and light assemblies, in addition to computers for the engine, brakes, transmission, and air bags. It's all part of our commitment to helping Waterloo residents save energy by minimizing the number of new products that have to be manufactured.