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We’re The Toronto Scrap Yard That Works The Green Way

People in Toronto know when their car is ready to be retired, there are lots of used auto parts that can be harmful to the environment if they aren’t handled properly. It stands to reason they want to be sure they sell junk cars to people who understand the implications hazardous liquids have and that even GM auto parts need to be dealt with responsibly before the rest of the vehicle can be scrapped. That’s where we come in at Scrap Car Kitchener. Our environmentally friendly process for taking care of your ELV (End of Life Vehicle) and includes a process whereby we look at each of the auto parts to see what can be reused.

We’re Toronto auto wreckers that pick up

When it comes to supplying great auto recycling in the Toronto area, we buy junk cars and then put them through a recycling process that filters out what can be reused to lessen the impact on the environment. However, there’s more to what we do here at Scrap Car Kitchener. Not only do we pay cash for junk cars, but we’ll also come right to your door to pick that old clunker up. Private individuals, body shops and insurance companies are just some of the firms that we look after.

Toronto auto salvage that’s about more than just cars

Don’t let the name fool you. We’re called Scrap Car Kitchener but we provide a service that goes beyond one area and one type of vehicle. Sure we’re one of the best places to scrap cars in the Toronto area, partially because of the extra care we take to make sure the contaminants don’t get into the environment, and partially because we’re flexible. That means that you can look to us to scrap vans and scrap trucks in an environmentally safe way.