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A London Scrap Yard That Cares About Recycling

When you retire your ELV (End of Life Vehicle), you want to be sure as many auto parts as possible are recycled and that's why you should consider the services we provide at Scrap Car Kitchener. We sell junk cars to automotive recyclers in London that are certified in Ontario. These specialists make sure the vehicle is thoroughly inspected for ferrous, nonferrous, and precious metals that can be recovered and converted. Toyota auto parts are inspected, removed and catalogued in a computerized inventory while hazardous lubricants, fluids and liquids are disposed of safely. This process ensures used auto parts, metals and plastics can be recovered and reused just as recycled tires can be reshaped in a variety of other applications like rubber goods and adhesives, to name just a few.

London Auto Wreckers Want Your Old Junk Cars

When we buy junk cars at Scrap Car Kitchener, we make sure the auto recycling companies we deal with don't just crush the vehicles for the value of the scrap metal. We pay cash for junk cars in London and deal with companies that take responsibility for reusable parts and the safe disposal of toxins and other components from unwanted vehicles that could otherwise harm the environment.

London Auto Salvage Takes Scrap Vehicles Off Your Hands

If you've got scrap cars collecting dust on your property, or you need salvage disposal for a surplus of scrap trucks and scrap vans taking up valuable space in your London body shop or mechanical shop, let the folks at Scrap Car Kitchener take care of disposing them for you. You can call or e-mail us for a free quote and we even offer pick up service for all those unwanted vehicles.