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Our Listowel scrap yard uses almost everything

When customers get rid of their old cars, we make sure that the Listowel auto parts that would normally be left over are put to good use instead. Here at Scrap Car Kitchener, we have an environmentally friendly process so all the used auto parts that can get recycled do. It doesn’t matter which make they’re from either; we take assemblies, suspensions, alternators from all the big brands and everything else that’s reusable. We take Ford auto parts and we take GM auto parts and people in Listowel who want to sell junk cars come to us. We know that part of the recycling process is having an inventory of used auto parts on hand and that’s why our four stage process places the environment at the top of the priority list.

We're the Listowel auto wreckers that share your environmental concerns

Here at Scrap Car Kitchener, we know that you want to be sure that none of the toxic chemicals that can still be in that old clunker can find their way into the earth. That’s why our Listowel auto recycling process uses 80% of the entire vehicle by weight in our process. You’ll like cash for junk cars even more when you know that we’ll come and pick them up. We buy junk cars in the Listowel area and do the right thing with them when it comes to the environment.

Listowel auto salvage that includes more than cars

Did you know that the metals and plastics retrieved from our Listowel scrap cars are used in the kind of products that you use everyday? Don’t think our efficient four stage process is just about cars either. We take scrap trucks and scrap vans and inspect them so that we can recycle what we can.