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A Georgetown Scrap Yard Where Environment Matters

When you drive by your local scrap yard, it's impossible not to think an area filled with crushed cars and heaps of used auto parts must be detrimental to the environment? At Scrap Car Kitchener, we know that retiring your worn out vehicles to a responsible scrap facility can make a difference to the environment today and in the future. When you sell junk cars to Scrap Car Kitchener, you can be sure they will be taken to a certified Ontario Automotive Recycler. These pros know how to efficiently recover auto parts and materials and safely remove and prevent toxic liquids and heavy metals from penetrating the soil or ground water. Finding the right operation that uses a modern process to recycle and reuse Ford auto parts is part of our commitment to our customers in Georgetown.

Georgetown Auto Wreckers Provide Pick Up Service

We take auto recycling seriously. At Scrap Car Kitchener, we buy junk cars and make sure that all iron, iron alloys, catalytic converters and other metals from unwanted vehicles are recovered and recycled. We pay cash for junk cars in Georgetown, and you can even arrange for us to pick up that old heap of metal and deliver it to where it will be properly processed to reduce its impact on the environment.

Georgetown Auto Salvage Also Includes Salvage Disposal

At Scrap Car Kitchener, we make it our business to buy many types of vehicles from scrap cars and scrap trucks to all manner of scrap vans. Our service extends to providing salvage disposal for top insurance companies and body shops in the Georgetown area and we make sure as many auto parts as possible are recycled, re-manufactured or reused.