Cambridge Scrap Car - Cambridge Salvage Yard

Our Cambridge Scrap Yard Is A Modern Recycling Facility

When you think of a traditional scrap yard, a graveyard of used auto parts spread miles wide usually comes to mind. At Scrap Car Kitchener, our aim is to help Cambridge residents retire or scrap their ELV (End of Life Vehicle) in the most convenient and efficient way possible, while recycling auto parts and minimizing the impact on the environment. When you sell junk cars to Scrap Car Kitchener, we dispose of vehicles in a responsible, safe manner making sure hazardous liquids and metals do not enter the soil or ground water. Our modern recycling process includes inspecting vehicles for ways to reuse and recycle Honda auto parts.

Cambridge Auto Wreckers Offer Convenient Service

You might find several auto recycling companies in the phonebook or online that pay cash for junk cars, but you might be unaware of some of the other convenient services Scrap Car Kitchener has to offer. Not only do we buy junk cars, but you can go online and contact us by phone or e-mail for a free price quote and we even provide pick up for customers in the Cambridge area.

Recycling Is Part of the Overall Cambridge Auto Salvage Process

Not every auto salvage operation in Cambridge cares about the environment like Scrap Car Kitchener does. When we buy scrap cars, we make sure to carefully remove the tires, batteries and gas tanks to recycle or reuse. Metals and plastics recovered from scrap vans that we buy from body shops can be reused in any number of products, while tires from scrap trucks can be recycled into a variety of different rubber goods including adhesives and flooring. Cambridge residents should feel at ease knowing Scrap Car Kitchener cares about their environment.