Brampton Scrap Car - Brampton Salvage Yard

Brampton Scrap Yard Offers Competitive Rates

When you sell junk cars to Scrap Car Kitchener, you can be sure you'll get competitive rates in the Brampton area based on a valuation that includes the make/model, mileage and year of the vehicle. But price isn't the only consideration when you decide to use our services. We make sure to dispose of hazardous liquids from your old vehicle like gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and motor oil safely so they don’t pollute the soil or ground water and we also handle auto parts. Our scrap car process makes the most of recycling used auto parts like tires and engines and reuse of Ford auto parts like computers and modules.

Brampton Auto Wreckers Provide Pick Up Service

At Scrap Car Kitchener, we buy junk cars including old scrap cars and make it easy for owners to say goodbye to that rusted heap of metal that's been taking up space in their garage or on the front lawn. We pay cash for junk cars of all shapes and sizes. As an experienced auto recycling company in Brampton, we can even arrange to pick up unwanted vehicles and that's one of the services we feel separates us from the competition.

Brampton Auto Salvage Can Service Your Location

At Scrap Car Kitchener, we buy all types of junk cars and scrap cars from individual owners and body shops in Brampton, but our service area doesn’t end there. We provide salvage disposal in the greater Toronto area and other parts of Ontario like Woodstock, Stratford and Listowel. Call or e-mail us to discuss pick up of scrap trucks or scrap vans from your location.